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A Festival Fleurieu event April 2023

Time Travel Torrens Vale

Various locations in Torrens Vale

Departing from Club Fleurieu, the bus tour began with Dr Margaret Morgan giving an overview of the history of Torrens Vale, drawing on the recently published YDHS publication Torrens Vale. At its first stop, the Torrens Vale lookout, travellers were privileged to listen to Edward Jeffrey as he penned a letter to his father in 1858. Next stop was in 1912 at the Torrens Vale Community Sheep dip a State Heritage listed site. Next we alighted at Gully House where the current owners Robyn Taylor and Paul Stark generously showed us around the grounds and the house which they are painstakingly restoring using original materials wherever possible. At the final stop, the Little Ruin at Ingalalla, we heard Margaret Little, who had recently arrived in Hay Flat in 1854, writing a letter to her sister about her new life in South Australia. Along the way commentary on the bus brought to life varous sites and ruins, and a delicious afternoon tea was provided on our return to Club Fleurieu.

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