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Index of family folder contents:

1. Notes on the Bowyer family, by Margaret Morgan.
2. Bowyer Brick Works and Henry Bowyer, by Margaret Morgan.
3. Certificates of Title relating to the Bowyer family.
4. Bowyer burials in Christ Church Yankalilla cemetery.
5. Grave of Thomas Bowyer in Yankalilla cemetery. Photo taken in 2015.
6. Grave of Rebecca Bowyer in Yankalilla cemetery. Photo taken in 2015.
7. Grave of Susannah Bowyer in Christ Church cemetery. Photo taken in 2005.
8. Kiln at Bowyer Brickyards. Photo taken in 2017.
9. Bowyer Brick Works. YDHS file 7364.
10. Bowyers’ brickyards, Wattle Flat. YDHS files 2862-2866.
11. Early life of Eleanor Bowyer (neé Williamson). YDHS file 3719.
12. Photographs of Eleanor Bowyer. YDHS files 4383-7.
13. Photographs of homes of Eleanor Bowyer. YDHS files 4400 & 4401.
14. Photograph of Emily Bowyer. YDHS file 4390.
15. Photograph of Dick Lunnay and Amy Bowyer. YDHS file 4378.
16. Horsemen at Yankalilla Show, including Jack Bowyer. YDHS file 7226.
17. Information on the Bowyer family, supplied by Lorraine Day.


Bowyer, David John Recollections of My Life, 2017
Bowyer, M Life Recollections of Melville Bowyer, 2012
Maschmedt, Douglas Roads Across the Ocean, 1991
Rose, Margaret Jacob Lock, Beyond the Horizon, 2010 (family history on the Lock family).

Family poster:


- CT stands for Certificate of title. eg CT 100/ 25 stands for Certificate of Title volume 100, folio 25. 
- To access photos and records contact the Society. 
- Books published by the Society (ie To Find the Way and the "Old ..." series of books) are available for sale at the Fleurieu Coast Visitor Centre. 
- Not all the books listed in the Bibliographies are readily available - some are privately printed or out of print. Contact us for more information. 


If you have any additional information about this family – we would love to hear from you. 

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