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Index of family folder contents:

1. Dumfries passenger list.
2. Kemmis’s reminiscences (24 pages)
3. Kemmis family tree.
4. The Family of Kemmis (from the internet).
5. Kemmis children
6. Baptisms
7. Henry Kemmis at All Saints’ College, Bathurst.
8. Burial of Mary Kemmis
9. YDHS Files 1281- 1291: correspondence re Kemmis family, file on Manna Farm, later owners of Manna Farm.
10. Anecdote re Henry Kemmis
11. Assorted newspaper clippings
12. Manna Farm, photo
13. Manna Farm, Memorial 489/65
14. Manna Farm, 1851: A description of Yankalilla from a newspaper article by a traveller visiting Yankalilla in 1850: quoted in Colonists Copper and Corn in the Colony of South Australia 1850-51, by an Old Colonist
15. Manna Farm, notes from a YDHS tour
16. Manna Farm, an excerpt from the booklet Old Yankalilla


Morgan, M Old Yankalilla, 2017
Yelland, E.M (ed) Colonists Copper and Corn in the Colony of South Australia 1850-51, by Old Colonist

Family poster:


- CT stands for Certificate of title. eg CT 100/ 25 stands for Certificate of Title volume 100, folio 25. 
- To access photos and records contact the Society. 
- Books published by the Society (ie To Find the Way and the "Old ..." series of books) are available for sale at the Fleurieu Coast Visitor Centre. 
- Not all the books listed in the Bibliographies are readily available - some are privately printed or out of print. Contact us for more information. 


If you have any additional information about this family – we would love to hear from you. 

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