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Index of family folder contents:

1. Photographs of Rev and Mrs Morse. [YDHS files 3058, 3060, 4609]
2. Graves of Archdeacon and Mrs Morse in Christ Church cemetery [YDHS files 6513-5]
3. Plaque at Christ Church in memory of Mrs Juliet Morse.
4. Pioneer Association booklet on the Gilberts of Pewsey Vale.
5. Excerpt from “Christ Church Yankalilla” by Margaret Morgan


Morgan, M Christ Church Yankalilla, 2007
Pioneer Association, The Gilberts of Pewsey Vale, 1949

Family poster:


- CT stands for Certificate of title. eg CT 100/ 25 stands for Certificate of Title volume 100, folio 25. 
- To access photos and records contact the Society. 
- Books published by the Society (ie To Find the Way and the "Old ..." series of books) are available for sale at the Fleurieu Coast Visitor Centre. 
- Not all the books listed in the Bibliographies are readily available - some are privately printed or out of print. Contact us for more information. 


If you have any additional information about this family – we would love to hear from you. 

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