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Bowyer brick yards

Wild Dog Creek Road, Wattle Flat

State Heritage Place No 14062
The Bowyer brick works were established by Henry Bowyer who bought section 401 in 1878. A brick works had previously been operated by William Sugars on this section. Under Henry Bowyer and subsequent members of the Bowyer family the brickworks flourished and supplied bricks for many buildings in the Yankalilla area until it finally closed in 1967. The Heritage Survey conducted in 1985 gave the following summary of the site’s heritage significance: “An item of the utmost importance to the State’s industrial history. The majority of early structures are intact. Further, it says much about the varying demand of constructional materials from age to age. A significant site.”

Bowyer brick yards
YDHS resources relating to this place 

15 photographs, taken on two YDHS tours in 1984 and 2017. 3 documents on the history of the brickworks.

To access photos and records contact the Society. 

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