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Court House Normanville

52-54 Main Rd Normanville

State Heritage Place No 10465
Land for the Court House and Police Station was bought from Rober Norman on 8 March 1855 for £3 4s 1p. The original Normanville police station and court house, which was at the western end of the present building, was built in 1855 and was opened in 1856 as a “two constables and two horses establishment”. The first troopers, who lived on site, were Berrill and Toole. The building was extended in 1863, when the two storied section and middle section were added, the builders being George Sara & Son. The complex then comprised the court house, police station, post office, telegraph station, customs house, and domestic quarters. New cells and stables were also built at that time. In 1871 a verandah was constructed in front of the telegraph station. This building was the first major multi-purpose and multi-agency complex built in a country location in South Australia

Court House Normanville
YDHS resources relating to this place 

49 photographs. 19 documents concerning police and court cases. 45 documents on the Court House and Police Station

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