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Fergusson's Mill

Williss Drive, Normanville

State Heritage Place No 13216.

This steam flour mill was built about 1855 by William Fergusson. The mill, which at that time was known as the “Gorge Mill”, was acquired by Cornish and Company about 1872. After the death of John Cornish senior in 1875, John Cornish junior took over the four mill. When wheat growing declined in the area and the harvesting of wattle bark took its place, Cornish added a bark grinding plant to the mill, and this became the main activity for many years.

The bark mill was later demolished. In 1918 the property was bought by the Bowyer family. About 1942 Melville Bowyer began a race horse stud, calling it "Beau Neire". He and his brother Hiram bred Comic Court (winner of the 1950 Melbourne Cup) and other top class horses. During this time the old mill was used to stable the thoroughbreds from foals through to racing age.

Photograph 2020 by Karen Toleman

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Fergusson's Mill

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